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Why become a Carlo partner merchant?

Carlo brings a modern tool to local shops and helps the Principality develop its local economy. There are many advantages to joining Carlo as a merchant:

  • More customers: With Carlo, you attract customers interested in the cashback program;
  • More profit: A contained cost, our mission being to bring you additional sales and profits. Your sales are made with a low customer acquisition cost. There is no subscription to be part of the program. You pay Carlo a low commission only when customers use the app in your business;
  • A community : Be part of a community that supports local retail.

Who can become a Carlo partner merchant?

Any business can become a Carlo partner, just take take an appointment with us and we'll take care of the rest.

How can I become a Carlo partner merchant?

  1. To get a presentation of our concept and how Carlo works take an appointment with a member of our team. We'll share with you the list of required documents to provide.
  2. We'll provide you with your unique QR code. You won't need anything other than your smartphone or tablet!
  3. We offer a short training session under 10 min for employees of your business to familiarise themselves with platform. 

What do I need to provide to become a Carlo partner merchant?

To become a Carlo partner merchant, you just need to be a registered business in Monaco and provide a copy of your RCI, RIB and 2 supporting identity documents for companies registered in their own names.
For SARL, SAM… add a copy of the articles of association and the identity cards of holders of more than 25% shares.

How to install the application?

Once your status has been validated by our team, you can download our merchant application Carlo Business App available on the App Store and on Google play.

All you have to do is log in with the credentials provided.

On your cash register software, add a new payment method called “Carlo”.

I want to refer a client. How do I do this?

In the tab Refer your clients, choose an invitation method, then send your invitation to the customer. When the customer chooses you as their referrer, you will receive a notification through the application.

You will then receive 2% in cashback each time your referee makes a purchase in any business partner with Carlo. Your earned commissions will be sent at the end of the month with your summary of Carlo activities.

If you want more information about the referral program, click here.

How to sell with Carlo?

Let your customer scan the paper QR code displayed at your POS. They must then enter the amount of the transaction and the amount of cashback used. All you have to do is check that the transaction has been validated, on your customer's phone or in your application under: My sales.

If you do not have a paper QR code at checkout level, you can display your QR code on your phone in the Carlo App Business application located in the section: my QR code.

We recommend you stay logged in to your Carlo account to facilitate transactions.

How can I follow my sales with Carlo?

You can follow all the transactions made with Carlo in the tab My sales of the application. 

At the end of each day, we'll send you a detailed summary of your transactions for the day with Carlo. It is the same monthly.

How will I receive the amount of my sales made with Carlo in my account?

There are two scenarios:

  • If the total of your sales amount to less than 250 euros in the month, the total amount of sales for the month will automatically be transferred to you at the end of the month;
  • Otherwise, you receive your money by threshold of 250 euros. For example: if on day 1 you make 450 euros in sales, you will receive 250 euros at the end of the day. We will therefore owe you 200 euros. If you sell for more than 50 euros with Carlo in day 2, you receive 250 euros at the end of day 2 and so on. Otherwise, you receive your 50 euros at the end of the month. You can accumulate and therefore receive 250, 500, 750 euros etc. per day depending on your transactions.

My customer made a mistake or wishes to return an item, what should I do?

If your terms of sale allow it, it is possible to cancel a transaction. To do this, simply go to the tab My sales, click on the transaction, then cancel the transaction. 

There are certain conditions to respect, go here for more information.

How much do I charge for the service?

The merchant is billed 10% on each sale made with Carlo. This invoicing is broken down as below:

  • 5% cashback for the customer
  • 2% cashback for the referrer
  • 3% Carlo commission fee.
These fees are automatically deducted from your Carlo balance. There is no subscription or recurring fees, you only pay if you sell.

How should I proceed for my VAT declaration?

The accounting information is available on the monthly report that we send you each month.