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What is cashback?

To reward you for your contribution to the local economy, we have worked with merchants to set up a unique loyalty system. For each purchase made with Carlo, we transfer 5% of the purchase amount to a virtual wallet linked to your Carlo account, this is cashback! You can accumulate cashback and spend it again in any partner business. With Carlo, cashback is like an attractive local currency that increases your purchasing power.

How to use your cashback?

When you make a payment with Carlo, you can choose to use all or part of your cashback. The cashback amount used to make your purchase is deducted or replaces the amount debited from your card. If you prefer to keep and accumulate your cashback, your registered bank card will be charged.

Can cashback be transferred to a bank account?

Your cashback cannot be transferred to a bank account. With Carlo, cashback is used as a virtual local currency. You can accumulate the cashback and spend it in the entire network of partner businesses in your city.

Can cashback be transferred to a friend?

Your cashback cannot be transferred to a friend at this time. We hope to provide this functionality to you very soon. However, you can use the functionality share the payment with your friend to contribute to his purchase. For more information, find out more here.

Can I fund my virtual wallet?

It is currently not possible to fund your virtual wallet with euros. This is a feature that we are working on and that we hope to bring to you very soon.


Can I offer Carlo gift cards?

At the moment, only companies can offer Carlo gift vouchers to their employees. If you are a business and wish to offer gift cards, do not hesitate to contact us at

We are currently working on the development of an offer of gift vouchers for the general public.

Can we claim cashback retroactively?

The cashback distribution is done only when a payment is made through the Carlo app. It is therefore impossible to claim cashback on a payment made directly by credit card or in cash.