What is Carlo?

Carlo is a payment application that rewards users for their contribution to the local economy.

Users receive 5% cashback on their virtual wallet. Cashback can be accumulated and spent in any participating business in their city. Carlo increases a user's purchasing power when they shop local.

How do I get the app?

Carlo is available on iOS and Android. To download Carlo, click on this link.

Where can Carlo be used?

Carlo can be used in more than 290 Monegasque businesses. Look for the Carlo sticker (you'll find this pasted on the window of our partner merchants) or the QR code displayed on your merchant's cash desk. You can also access the list of partner merchants by clicking on this link

What are the app's main features ?

  • My wallet

    This is the home page of the application. Your wallet allows you to view your cashback balance and scan your merchant's QR code to pay with Carlo.
  • Merchants

    This tab allows you to view all of our partner merchants. You can find the address, phone number, email, website and opening hours of each merchant.

  • Refer friends

    This page allows you to invite your friends to download Carlo and to choose you as a referrer. You can invite your friends using any of the following methods: email, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc.
  • My account

    This page allows you to access your profile, to register, modify and delete your bank card and to permanently delete your account (your data and your cashback balance will be permanently lost).
  • My purchases

    This page gives you access to the list of payments made with Carlo. You can view the date, the shop where you made your purchase, the amount of the transaction, the cashback received and the cashback used.

    You can report a problem with a payment by clicking on the icon at the top right of the transaction page.

  • My referral earnings

    Here you can see the rewards you received from the referral program. Please note that the purchases made by your referrals remains anonymous. To check the list of users you've referred, click on the icon at the top right of the page.

  • My friends

    This section allows you to view your friends list, add friends, and view your friend requests. You can use the feature split the bill with your friends.
  • Payment request

    Here you can check the remote payment requests received from merchants for online or delivery purchases made with Carlo. 
  • Top Up

    This feature allows you to add cashback to your balance using a special Top Up code (Carlo gift card, contest, promotion code, etc.).
  • My settings

    This section allows you to change the language of the application, amend your email address, password and pin code, activate or deactivate push notifications and activate or deactivate the email receipt for each payment with Carlo .
  • Information and contact

    You'll find all the relevant information about the application:

    • A way to contact us
    • Privacy policies
    • Terms of use
    • The user guide
    • Links to our social media
    • The link to our website
  • Change city

    Carlo has expanded and has launched in other cities, notably Valladolid. This feature will allow you to select the city in which you want to use Carlo and contribute to the local economy. You will have a different wallet for each city.