Carlo is a mobile application available on iOS and Android, designed to revitalize local trade and the local Monegasque economy. The application allows its users to be rewarded for each purchase made in a partner business in Monaco. The app works like a Monaco loyalty card. With Carlo, the user receives 5% cashback on their purchase. The cashback is placed in a virtual wallet and can be used in any partner business, such as a gift card.

  • Be rewarded when you make a purchase in a local store and you contribute to the local economy
  • Be part of a community of responsible consumers, supporting merchants and their activities
  • Have an easy-to-use loyalty program on your smartphone.

Carlo can be used in many Monaco businesses. Look for the blue Carlo sticker stuck on the window of our partner merchants.

You can also access the list of partner businesses by clicking here.


Carlo is available on iOS and Android. Download Carlo App on theApp Store or on Google Play

Registration is done directly on the application after installation.

You can register with your email address or directly with your Google or Facebook account.

No, it is not necessary to register a bank card or any other means of payment to use the application. The cashback you collect is simply used as a gift voucher.


For each referred person, you get 2% cashback on EACH of their purchases made with Carlo.

To refer someone, go to the « Refer friends » tab. You just have to choose an invitation mode (Whatsapp, Instagram, email) and send the invitation message to the person you want to refer.

You can also share your referral code with the people you want to refer. Your referrals will need to enter your referral code during registration to choose you as a referrer.

When someone chooses you as a referrer, you receive a notification in the app.

To choose a referrer, follow the referral link that was sent to you. The application automatically recognizes the identity of the person who sent you the link. You then just have to confirm the referral during registration.

You can also choose your referrer later. You will need to enter the referral code or email address of the user you have chosen as a referrer.

App features

This is the home page of the app. Your wallet allows you to view your cashback balance and scan your merchant's QR code to receive and use your cashback.

This tab allows you to view all of the partner businesses.

You can find the address, telephone number, email, website and opening hours of each business.

This page allows you to send an invitation to your customers to sponsor them using your preferred invitation method: email, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc.

This is the set of notifications sent by Carlo.

This tab allows you to access a set of features of the app

This page allows you to access your profile, but also your settings and the option to delete your account.

This is your personal information that you can edit (last name, first name, phone, city of residence, gender).

This page allows you to change the language of the application, change your email address and password, and enable or disable push notifications.

You can permanently delete your account.

Please note: Your data and your cashback balance will be lost

This page gives you access to the list of purchases made with Carlo. You can consult the date, the trade, the transaction price, the cashback received and the cashback used during your purchase.

    • In blue: the purchase is confirmed
    • In gray: the purchase was canceled

You can report a problem with a purchase by clicking on the icon at the top right of the page

You can view the earnings you have received through the referral program. Purchases made by your referrals remain anonymous.

To see the list of users you have referred, click on the icon at the top right of the page.

This new feature allows you to credit your cashback balance using a code (Carlo gift card, contest, promotion code, etc.)

This page allows you to find all useful information concerning our application:

  • Our contact
  • Privacy policies
  • Terms of service
  • The user guide
  • Links to our social media
  • The link to our website

If you have not yet chosen a referrer, you can choose one by entering their referral code or email address.

This button allows you to log out of your Carlo account.

How to use

The majority of partner businesses display a sticker in the window or at the cash desk. 

You can also see the list of partner businesses on the application or on our website

Simply scan the QR code presented by your merchant.

You automatically receive 5% cashback on the total amount of your purchase.

When checking out, specify that you want to use Carlo and pay with cashback. In the application, enter the amount of cashback you want to use and scan your merchant's QR code. The merchant receives a notification that you want to use cashback, and the amount is automatically deducted from the price of your purchase.

Don't forget to scan the merchant's QR code to get 5% cashback on your purchase.

For the moment, it's impossible to transfer your cashback to another user of the application. We are working hard to be able to offer you this functionality soon.

Our application aims to revitalize the local economy and give more value to cashback. This is why the cashback you receive can only be reused in partner businesses in Monaco.

Cashback cannot be transferred to your bank account.

For the moment, it is unfortunately not possible to claim cashback without scanning the merchant's QR code. 

If you want to switch your application to English, go to the « My account » page then in « Settings ». Click on « Languages », and then « English ». Confirm your choice by clicking on Change language.

If you used Carlo for your purchases, it is not possible to obtain a refund. However, it is possible to exchange the item in the shop according to the terms of the sign.


The personal data collected during registration is secure.

We give great importance and respect your privacy. For more information, see our Privacy policy.

You can permanently delete your account by going to the « My account » page and clicking on « Delete my account ».

Please note: Your data and your cashback balance will be lost

If you have forgotten your password, click "Forgot Password" and then follow the on-screen instructions to reset the password.

If you forgot the email used when creating your Carlo account, contact support via the following email:


Cashback does not apply to promotions already in progress, on sale products and on certain products where the margins are very low or regulated (such as vision lenses or drugs).

If you're having trouble using the app and a transaction is unsuccessful, try again later. If the problem persists, contact our customer service by email:

If you encounter any problem while using Carlo (a merchant unable to use the application, a new untrained seller, a bug), do not hesitate to contact us by email at describing the situation.

Still haven't found the answers to your questions? 

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