Top Up

The Top Up is a sum of cashback offered to you by a company, association or organization. It takes the form of a code that you can enter on the application in the Top Up section. Once the code has been entered, your virtual wallet will be credited with the amount of the Top Up voucher. You will be able to spend this cashback when you pay with the Carlo application.

Yes, it is quite possible to add several top up codes to your Carlo account, the different amounts of your top up codes will be added to your Carlo balance.

Please note, as part of the Red and White 2022 operation, it is currently impossible to combine several codes Top up on the same account. This is simply due to reasons of attribution and good management of the financing of gift vouchers. Different entities fund the program and adding different codes to the same account presents a traceability problem. We thank you for your understanding and will keep you informed of any changes.

To be able to remedy this situation, we suggest that you create a second account on Carlo using another email address. All you need to do is log out and log in with this new account when your first gift card has been spent.

If your Top up code does not work, you may have made a mistake when inserting your code. Be careful not to make a mistake when reading your code and not to confuse the number “1” and the letter “l” or the number “0” and the letter “o”. If this does not solve the problem, do not hesitate to contact us.

You can buy or offer Top Up if you are an organization, association or company that wishes to reward its members or employees. For all inquiries, please contact us at You can also buy Carlo gift cards of 20, 50 or 100 €. You can buy it on our marketplace Carlo Market or contact us. 

To activate your Top Up code, simply: 

Click on My account at the bottom right of the screen

  1. Go to the tab Top Up
  2. Insert the code provided 
  3. Click on "Validate"

Your account will automatically be credited with the amount of cashback you have been gifted.