To thank you for your commitment to the Carlo community, we reward you when you refer a friend or relative. When a user chooses you as a sponsor, you automatically receive 2% cashback on each of his purchases made in Monaco.

A sponsor can be a user or a merchant. The objective is to continually reinject the cashback into the local economy. You can sponsor as many users as you want.

  • To sponsor someone who does not yet have the Carlo application, go to the Sponsor tab. All you have to do is choose an invitation mode (Whatsapp, Instagram, email) and send the invitation message to the person you want to sponsor. This link will allow him to download the application and suggest you as a referrer.
  • You can also share your referral code. You can find your sponsorship code (Carlo code) in the Sponsor tab or below your profile picture in the application menu. Your referrals will have to enter your sponsorship code when registering to choose you as a sponsor.

  • If your potential godchild is already registered but did not choose a sponsor during registration, you can still sponsor him after registration. To do this, he must consult the Who sponsored you? section. In this case, you will have to give him your referral code.

When a user chooses you as a referrer, you receive a notification through the app. 

You can access your referral earnings on Carlo by following these following steps:

1. Click on My Account
2. Click on the Referral Program section

You can now change sponsors after 6 months. 

To change sponsor: 

1. Click on My Account

2. To the right of “Share your sponsorship code” click on the “…” then on “My sponsor”

3. Click on the cross to delete your sponsor