Carlo is a contactless payment method that uses QR code technology. This system allows large volumes of data to be stored and is safer when it comes to payments, as the information can be encrypted. No more cards, no more cash, payment is made automatically and securely via your phone.

Carlo is a payment application which requires you to register your bank card in order to make payments with Carlo and accumulate cashback with our partner merchants.

However, if you have an account that has been topped up with a Top up code, you can use your cashback balance without having to register a bank card. 

If you encounter an error while registering your card, please verify that:

  1. Your card is a Visa or a Mastercard
  2. Your card is registered in a European country
  3. Your card is authorized to make electronic payments by your bank.

If you notice a much too long page load while saving the map, please uninstall and reinstall the app. 

If the problem persists, do not hesitate to contact us at

Paying with Carlo is very easy. 

Step 1 – Scan your merchant's QR code,

Step 2 – Enter the amount of your purchase,

Step 3 – If you have a cashback balance, enter the amount of cashback you wish to use,

Step 4 – Validate your payment using your PIN code, your fingerprint or your facial recognition. Your bank card will be debited with the amount of your purchase deducted from the amount of cashback used,

Step 5 – You receive 5% of cashback as a reward for your contribution to the Monegasque economy.

All our transactions are processed and secured by our partner Lemonway, a payment institution approved by the ACPR-Banque de France.

Before each payment, we also ask our users to carry out an additional authentication by entering their PIN code, using their fingerprint or facial recognition.

You can link your VISA or Mastercard. For the moment only European cards are accepted. We do not yet accept American Express.

Yes, you can register two cards on your Carlo account. To add a second bank card, here are the steps to follow: 

  1. Click on My Account then Add a card
  2. Enter your information. Depending on your bank, you may be redirected to your banking app's authentication page.
  3. Your second card has just been added! You can choose the default card by clicking on the three dots on the right and ticking "Set as default" 

You can consult the section dedicated to adding a second card here.

The merchant reserves the right to apply its own exchange and return policy for a product purchased with Carlo.
On the other hand, a product purchased with Carlo cannot be refunded if the cashback received by the customer or the referrer has already been spent and the cashback balance is insufficient for the refund. In other words, if you have made a purchase of 100 euros with Carlo that you wish to return, you must have on your virtual wallet at least 5% of the amount, i.e. 5 euros, and your sponsor must have at least 2% of the amount, i.e. 2 euros .

All you have to do is ask the merchant to cancel the transaction and redo the transaction with your cashback. 

If you're having trouble using the app, try again. It could be a connection error or poor network coverage.

In some cases, your bank can also block the payment made with Carlo. Simply contact your bank and ask them to accept electronic payments with Carlo again. Often banks set a lower ceiling for electronic payments. 

If the problem persists, do not hesitate to contact us at

In the case of a delivery, several options are available to you to pay in Carlo: 

  • Make a quick pay (remote payment) to your merchant. To learn more about this feature, click here
  • Ask the merchant to bring his QR code that you can scan at the time of delivery
  • Ask your merchant to send you a remote payment request. To do this, you must provide him with your email address linked to your Carlo account or your Carlo code. You will receive in your application a payment request notification with the name of the merchant and the amount requested. You just have to accept and choose the amount of cashback you want to spend.

Your pending payment requests can be viewed in the Payment Requests section of the application in the My Account tab.