The importance of local commerce 

After a difficult period, local trade is on the rise! The health crisis has had a strong impact on small traders with the closure of some for long months. This forced downtime has also led to a change in habits and awareness. With Carlo, you not only participate in the economy of your city but you commit to supporting your merchants through a new means of payment.


Are you wondering why local commerce is becoming essential again?
Here are 3 indisputable arguments. 


Proximity and friendliness

The advantage of the neighborhood trade is undoubtedly its proximity. The decline of the car (for ecological or economic reasons) plays in favor of local trade: we prefer to go to our greengrocer than to take the car, a question partly of practicality.

But the trade is also a place of life, vector of a social link lost during months of confinement and sought after: we meet people there, we talk about the rain and the good weather or even current events. the desire for an authenticity of a revaluation of the human as a person.

The quest for meaning also involves the more "green" side of local commerce: a shorter circuit means less transport and more economic benefits for our community. Several initiatives in the Principality of Monaco have emerged and go in this direction, the label "Commerce Engagé" or " My Luggage " to recite nobody else but them.

A guarantee of quality

Physical contact ensures quality and tailor-made advice that can only be found in our local shops. Quality goes through this personalized business relationship and let's face it, seeing the product, touching it and trying it out lets you know if it meets our expectations. In the end, you save precious time!

Investing in your business is investing in your city


Buying local also means allowing an economy to prosper and a community to develop. Small businesses revitalize and energize town centers by creating activity and employment. They are therefore anchored in an economy and often at the initiative of projects that contribute to uniting the community. By a domino effect by making a place economically attractive other businesses will set up and create a synergy. A virtuous circle for the benefit of residents and the economy.

Carlo's key figures

Since the creation of Carlo, more than 40 million have been spent via our application and invested directly in businesses in the Principality. By collaborating with more than 450 businesses, we offer you a tool to participate directly in the economy of your city, while being rewarded.