Merchant Profile: Sofia and Roberto Stampfl

Come and meet Sofia Stampfl and her father Roberto Stampfl, managers of the Italian glacier Santo Gelato located at Place d'Armes. We were welcomed by the Stampfl family who told us the story of their business, which has attracted the most gourmets since 2007.

Introduce us to Santo Gelato and your concept.

Santo Gelato is an artisanal ice cream maker produced in our laboratory adjacent to the shop. We work exclusively with frozen products, and we adapt them to the seasons to allow annual opening. 

Tell us more about your background and your team.

Santo Gelato is mainly a family story. We work with my mother who takes care of the preparation of the recipes, my father who is the manager, myself and today also my boyfriend for a future expansion. With us, we have 4 employees all year round who have been accompanying us in the adventure for several years, as well as seasonal employees who join us during the summer. 

How do you select your products?

Regarding the selection of our products we are very demanding. We source our fruits from the Condamine market, we work with seasonal fruits and the best producers so that the taste is present in our ice creams. The desire to work only with seasonal fruits is also important for us from an ecological point of view, you will not find melons with us in winter, or mandarin in summer! Regarding our other raw materials, such as hazelnuts, pistachios, salted caramel and others, we source our products in Italy from the best producers, some of whom like the Alba Hazelnut, are recognized worldwide for their quality. We also want to work with Monegasque brands, which is why all our cones come from the Samupe company. 

What is your specialty that you recommend to our users?

Regarding our specialties, we often recommend fruity sorbets because they are made with fresh fruit. Their natural tastes, especially fig in summer or mandarin in winter, are very popular! For our creams, our bestseller is the “Cioccopop”, now cult in Monaco, a milk flower base with a “cremino” cream on top that has won over young and old alike! But our greatest success is still the “Panettone Glacé”, a panettone filled with ice cream for festive periods! 

What do you like most as a trader in Monaco?

What we like the most about being traders in Monaco is the international side, the mix of cultures and languages. It is a real chance to be in contact every day with people from different backgrounds. We also very much appreciate security, in fact, having a predominantly female team and closing the store late in the summer, security is therefore a fundamental criterion for us.