Merchant Profile: Mr Who

We went to meet Marco Bau, founder of Mr Who, the barbershop that wants to promote old-fashioned shaving with its rituals and transform a necessity into a moment of well-being. 


A story

Marco's story begins in Italy where he is from. After years in unisex hairdressing, he decided to embark on care exclusively for men in 2016. A first barbershop was opened on the Italian Riviera in Bordighera. Building on his success, Marco decided to open a second salon in 2019 in Monaco. His objective when arriving in the Principality was to create a place that is both intimate and cozy, where you feel at ease. 

A concept

Much more than a simple barbershop, by imagining this place, Marco imagined a concept. The philosophy of Mr Who is first of all the promotion of old-fashioned shaving with all its rituals, precise gestures and tailor-made treatments. A quality of service therefore, but also a desire to change men's habits: Marco wants to transform this moment of “necessity” into a moment for oneself and that this time taken becomes a monthly ritual. 


Product selection

Marco takes particular care in selecting the best products – often Italian – mostly natural. Treatments range from moisturizer, exfoliation to perfume. A complete selection of products for men. They can be found on our marketplace Carlo Market here.

Future projects

If there's one thing Marco doesn't miss, it's projects! 

In addition to developing his business and expanding his clientele, the barber wants to open a place on the street. Mr who will be the Mecca of male beauty: from shaving to hair styling, massages and treatments, all in an atmosphere where you feel good.