Merchant profile: The Distillery of Monaco

We went to meet Philip Culazzo, founder of La Distillerie de Monaco, located in the heart of the Condamine district. A surprising and unique place opened in 2017 where the production of Monegasque 100% spirits is concentrated.


Tell us about your business and your concept.

The production of the various spirits of the Distillery are made from citrus fruits and sun-drenched fruits from 600 bitter orange trees and dozens of carob trees that border the Principality. 

The brand's approach is also borrowed from an ecological gesture, in fact these tons of fruit were once destroyed and therefore unused. A short circuit that avoids waste.

This responsible production method is also found in the processing of the raw material: no chemicals are used on the fruit. 

Finally, we really want to highlight this agricultural wealth that was once a pillar of the local economy.

How do you select the products?

Each product is picked by hand and transported directly to the Distillery where the magic happens. The production method remains artisanal. The zest of bitter oranges is used to create the unique and authentic taste of the Orangerie but is also incorporated into the recipe of the Gin Aux Citrus.

For the carob tree, which is the Principality's national tree, the carob pods are roasted then macerated to obtain a rich-tasting liqueur. 


What is your background?

I moved to Monaco in the early 2000s. It was while walking in the streets and seeing these fruit trees that I realized the treasures produced by these bitter orange trees. In 2017 I opened the doors of the Monaco Distillery to produce unique spirits with the authentic taste of this terroir. 

Your future projects

We are working on several projects. The development of the brand goes through distribution. Already present in several European countries, we plan to export soon to the United States and Canada. Then, on the product side, we are finalizing a vodka, all the profits made will be donated to an association that helps the population in Ukraine. 

Still on new products, we are developing a new gin in partnership with the Eden Roc hotel in Antibes, the citrus fruits and pines used for production will be harvested directly from their estate. 

Finally, this year we are one of the sponsors of Arthur Leclerc, a Monegasque driver who is playing in Formula 3 and destined for a brilliant future. We want to wear the colors of Monaco here and elsewhere!

The products of the Distillerie de Monaco are available on our marketplace here !