Merchant Profile: Krystelle Costa

Today it's the turn of Krystelle Costa, manager of the concept store Subtle  to make you discover his business. In perpetual search for unique products, she and her team welcome you to a place where chic and bohemian spirit reign.

Introduce us to Subtle and the concept of your business

Subtle it is a concept store, a lifestyle, an air of vacation during the summer period and a place of change of scenery throughout the year. A chic and trendy concept store for lovers of fashion and decoration.

Tell us more about your background and your team.

I graduated from a fashion school in London. Subsequently I specialized in image consulting. Our team is passionate about fashion and decoration!

How do you select your products?

Heartfelt and with a lot of originality! We focus on unique pieces found around the world to constantly challenge and surprise.

Do you have future creation projects for Subtil?

No big projects for the moment but we are thinking about it! Stay tuned!

A word for the end?

Let yourself embark in our universe, surprising and captivating, all in a warm atmosphere!