Trader Profile: Krystel Bahri

Come and meet Krystel Bahri, manager of the Bahri boutique located in the heart of La Condamine. We were greeted by Krystel who revealed to us the history of his business which has attracted watchmaking and jewelry enthusiasts for thirty years.

Introduce us to Bahri and the concept of commerce

Located in the heart of Monaco, Bahri Monaco has been an essential address for all watch enthusiasts and connoisseurs for over 30 years. Our concept is to offer two distinct selections of watches in our store: a choice of designer and sporty watches on the one hand and a selection of traditional watchmaking watches on the other.

Tell us more about your background and your team

The store was opened 35 years ago by my father who passed on the values of the trade to his children, so I decided to take over his store and give a taste of renewal. With us we have 2 faithful saleswomen who have been there for more than 30 years: Nadine & Françoise.

How do you select your products?

Each quarter, the brand representatives present their new products to us and we choose the models that might appeal to our customers. We try to vary because we have to adapt to customer expectations.

Do you have any future creation plans for Bahri?

We would like to develop a website that would be a showcase for our customers where they could reserve the items and pick them up in store. But also to offer a wider range of jewelry.

A word for the end?

We will be delighted to welcome you to our shop and help you find the perfect gift for yourself or for your friends.