Merchant Profile: Alexis Giannotti

Meet Alexis Giannotti, founder and owner of the Giannotti boutique and brand! Renowned for its avant-garde in eco-responsible ready-to-wear in Monaco, Alexis welcome you in store to offer you knits, in harmony with nature, made from sustainable materials and which do not harm the health of the planet.

Tell us about Giannotti and your concept?

At Giannotti, our vision is directly inspired by the protection of the oceans. Our philosophy is simple: create eco-responsible knits with innovative ethical and bio-degradable materials made from regenerated cellulose. Our brand responds to the growing enthusiasm for a product with transparent values, produced entirely in Europe, certified by labels with ethical practices and contemporary style.

Tell us more about your background and your team.

After reading a university press article on the impact of textiles on the oceans, I became aware of the issue of clean and sustainable fibers, which consume fewer raw resources such as water or pesticides. After a fairly brief stage at the University of Architecture and Industrial Design of Florence, I decided to orient myself towards a project that will bring me more freedom of expression and through which the quality of my work could be daily life: clothes.
For the moment I am a self-entrepreneur and founder of the brand. I work with a part-time Vancouver copywriter as well as an Italy-based company that manages the production of my products.

How do you select your products?

According to criteria of softness and composition, this is the base. It is above all by asking for a traceability which proves that the material is biodegradable, obtained in an ethical way benefiting a community of breeders, good on the (sensitive) skin and which does not harm our health or that of the planet.

What is your specialty or the product you recommend to our users?

Our goal is to offer a timeless knit fabric designed in an eco-responsible and sustainable way with materials that are good for the Planet and our Oceans. We are always available, even with a coffee in hand!

What do you like most as a trader in Monaco?

The climate is ideal and contributes to the general good mood of the customers (the blue of the Mediterranean too).