Trader Profile: Estelle & Élodie du Woo

Let's go and discover Estelle and Élodie, owners of the Woo on Rue Princesse Caroline. Their entire team works continuously to offer you the best products in terms of quality, origin and taste! Follow us to find out how this family business works and what are the dishes not to miss the next time you visit.

Can you tell us about the Woo and the origin of the concept?

Le Woo is a small organic canteen where you can enjoy at any time on site or take out healthy and homemade products for brunch, lunch or afternoon tea with vegan and gluten-free options.

Tell us more about your team

The Woo is a family business, in fact we work with my father, my brother and my mother-in-law, as well as 3 employees. This gives us a certain complicity which is a strength in our work.

How do you select your products?

90% of our products are from organic farming, whether for the grocer, fresh products and of course fruits and vegetables. We try to favor short circuits and local products, but above all, in priority, seasonal products and that is why our menu changes and evolves regularly.

What is your specialty or the product you recommend to our users?

Our Buddha Bowls are quite representative of the requirement that we set ourselves to offer organic and healthy products to our customers. For a more gourmet note, the Banana Bread is our Best Seller: a banana cake mixed with organic chocolate chips, gluten free and refined sugar free: it's really a delight!

What do you like most as traders in Monaco?

It is a chance to be in Monaco for safety, cleanliness, local initiatives, but also the clientele which is quite diverse and which allows us, as restaurateurs, to offer a fairly varied and different range.