Merchant Profile: Claudia Pizzuti

Meet Claudia Pizzuti, manager of the Italian restaurant Tre Scalini. Located on the Jean-Charles Rey quay in the port of Fontvieille, Claudia reveals the history behind this institution, originally founded in 1815 in Rome. Could you guess which dish this typical Roman trattoria is famous for?

Tell us about Tre Scalini and your concept.

Tre Scalini is a trattoria typically Roman. With us you can taste dishes and specialties of Roman cuisine at any time of the day whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Tell us more about your background and your team.

Tre Scalini is a Roman institution that opened its doors on January 4, 1815 in Piazza Navona in Rome. We settled in Monaco 3 years ago with the aim of importing our Roman soul there. Regarding our team, it is made up of people who come from all over the world.

How do you select your products?

Our dishes are prepared in accordance with the rules, respecting Roman art and tradition, with fresh and carefully selected ingredients. We make them stay old by importing key products from our recipes from Rome. At the restaurant, you also have the possibility to buy our organic 100% olive oil and other products from Italian gastronomy.

What is your specialty or the product you recommend to our users?

Tre Scalini is recognized worldwide for our legendary Tartufo: a frozen dessert invented at Tre Scalini in 1946. According to the original recipe, it is prepared with 13 types of Austrian cocoa and is served with whipped cream per minute as well as a traditional wafer . Many try to imitate him, however the recipe is still a closely guarded secret.

A word for the end?

Whether you prefer sweet or savory, the Tre Scalini team welcomes you with joy and conviviality, every day from breakfast to dinner. Come see many of us and order our Tartufo, it's to taste at least once in your life!