Trader profile: Formula 1

We went back in time with Anny Brice, owner for 33 years of the Formula 1 shop, a veritable sanctuary for all collectors and motorsport enthusiasts.

A story

Anny Brice has no shortage of anecdotes. After working in the stock market and then in the automotive industry, Annie launched a business specializing in Formula 1 in 1989. Passionate about the first hour, Annie saw pilots pass by. From Jean Alesi to Patrick Tambay via Sebastien Loeb, everyone comes and goes to this temple of F1. His wall covered with souvenir photos bears witness to this. Only Enzo Ferrari was not a fan of the camera: "He never wanted a photo because he said he was not Sophia Loren," she says.

A unique concept

This unique place known throughout the world is full of treasures, no less than 8000 different references: rally car and F1 scale models, overalls, caps, helmets... From simple souvenirs to exceptional and rare pieces, there are has for everyone.


Future project

At 81, Anny Brice is planning a well-deserved retirement!