Merchant Profile: 3 Tapas

The Condamine district is full of treasures and the restaurant 3 Tapas is one. 

This week, we went to his door to meet his boss, José, the opportunity to discover typical Spanish cuisine.


Tell us about your restaurant and your concept.

We wanted to create a unique concept in the Principality: a place that is both friendly and gourmet. A warm and timeless atmosphere that aspires to relaxation and joy. We also wanted customers to come here to discover the menu and share tapas with friends. The dishes are not very provided in quantity to be able to taste everything.

Tell us more about your background and your team

My background is a bit atypical. I arrived in Monaco in 1995 from Spain, I quickly opened a business in this very district. Then the desire to cook and share experiences led me to become a restaurant owner. I opened this restaurant in 2015 to introduce people to my culture and my cuisine.


How do you select your products?

Every year I travel several times to Spain to meet my suppliers. Breeders for Pata negra and Bellota, cheese-producing products but also winegrowers etc. I make it a point of honor to choose each product and thus ensure the quality. 

Which product do you recommend to our users?

I plan to open an "Iberian gourmet" at the Condamine market. A slightly different place with new specialties like the bocadillo (Spanish sandwich) and many more!