Merchant Profile: Narmino Sorasio

This week we are going to meet the renowned Fredo, florist and store manager Narmino Sorasio since June 2020. In his shop located on Boulevard Princesse Charlotte in Monaco, Fredo welcomed us among his multiple bouquets and floral arrangements that paint a truly bucolic landscape!

What do you like most about your job?

Creativity and the possibility of exercising my artistic expression. I would like to thank Nicolas Narmino and Christian Sorasio very much for their trust and for granting me this freedom.

The distinction and values of Narmino Sorasio?

Quality, excellence and creativity. Service both at home for custom landscaping requests and in stores. Our customers come to us for our know-how and the heritage of Maison Narmino Sorasio.

A bouquet for ...

His mom ?

A bouquet of Peonies or English Roses ...

His lover ?

A “country chic” style garden bouquet, the most beautiful bouquets are those that are “less florist” ...

You ?

Without any hesitation from Pois de Senteurs!

The most beautiful of gardens?

The forest… especially the one in my native Switzerland, a wild but naturally grandiose landscape.