The Committed Trade Label

In 2020, Carlo joined the government label Commerce Engagé which supports local players and consumers towards a sustainable consumption approach. Today, the Principality has more than 90 Committed Shops and Restaurants, including 35 Carlo partners.

What is the Commerce Engagé label?

Created in 2017 by the Department of the Environment and the Ecoscience Provence association, Engaged Commerce is a tool to support a territory, its merchants, its restaurateurs and its consumers, towards a sustainable consumption approach. The objective is to promote eco-responsible practices by professionals by specifically targeting waste prevention, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the decarbonisation of purchases and the revitalization of the local economic and social fabric. The Commerce Engagé label supports and promotes initiatives encouraging residents to consume in the Principality, such as Carlo and Doux Village.

What are Carlo's commitments?

Carlo's mission and our actions are fully in line with the scope of action of the Committed Commerce label:
  1. Contribute to local trade in order to strengthen and revitalize the local economy
  2. Promote short circuits in order to promote sustainable development
  3. Prioritize mobile payments to reduce paper waste
  4. Promote and distribute reusable bags to minimize the circulation of single-use plastics

Where to find the Engaged Shops?

In France, the Commerce Engagé label has more than 550 traders, producers and restaurateurs, mainly located in the Var and Bouches-du-Rhône, who act daily in favor of the environment In Monaco, no less than 90 Shops and Restaurants Engaged are spread throughout the territory! To locate the actors involved in your neighborhood, go to

How to become a Committed Trader?

Adopting the label is open to local shops selling goods and services as well as to establishments with a catering service and benefiting from a reception area for the public. The process is free, participatory and scalable. To integrate the Commerce Engagé label or the Restaurant Engagé label, businesses must commit to respecting certain mandatory clauses. They also undertake to implement at least one optional clause per year, defined with the help of the “Engaged Commerce” team, in a process of continuous improvement.