Merchant Profile: EG Design

This week, we are going to meet Elena Garrone, owner of the EG Design interior design boutique in Monaco. Elena Garrone opened the doors to her world for us. Discover EG Design and what makes this store unique.

Introduce us to EG Design and the concept of commerce.

EG Design is an interior decoration boutique. The concept is to advise people how to carry out all the stages of their project, from design to completion, in order to be able to live in a house of its size so that the atmosphere is harmonious and the customer is satisfied.

Tell us more about your team.

Our team is young, international and dynamic. We do our utmost to understand the wishes of our customers and best meet their expectations.

How do you select your products?

I choose my products by visiting international fairs, the most famous being that of Milan “Il Salone del Mobile”, but also "House & Objects "to Paris. I also visit small, more specific fairs in the sector. I also go to Italian producers directly. Sometimes there are objects and articles specific to a culture that I see during my travels and that I love to introduce into my knowledge so that I can use them on specific projects.

What is your speciality ?

The store has a modern concept, with some more classic touches. Our specialty is to help you integrate these elements into more traditional pieces to make them more contemporary and more current.

What do you like most as a trader in Monaco?

Being a trader in Monaco is a pleasure because, in fact, you often have to work with friends, but also with people abroad. Very often I receive foreigners who do not know who to contact, in order to be able to furnish and do a complete renovation project of their apartment. It's very motivating because you can unite completely different cultures and personalize them. What is really the most appealing is the combination of life and commerce.

A new project?

We are also trying to develop the Contract part to carry out catering or hotel projects.

A final word for the end?

You will always be welcome at EG Design for advice, to also see what I can offer you in terms of decoration, or for small gifts. We are here to discuss it with you and we can possibly develop more important projects in the future.