Merchant Profile: Pierre Hermé Paris

Let's meet Laurent Barbié from Maison Pierre Hermé Paris in Komo and at the Metropole Shopping Center in Monaco. He and his team opened the doors of their pastry shop to us, with the aim of taking you behind the scenes of this great French house of international renown.

Introduce us to Pierre Hermé Paris and the concept of commerce.

In our shop, we offer the entire Pierre Hermé range in pastry making, but also in macaroons, chocolates and all derivative products such as jams or even teas.

Tell us more about your team.

In our Pierre Hermé Paris teams in Monaco, we have part of the workforce which deals with the sale and promotion of the shops and the other which deals with production since part of it is carried out on site in Paris with whom we work directly.

How do you select your products?

The range of Pierre Hermé products that we offer is selected by the parent company in Paris with a schedule that takes into account seasonality and the region, because there are products that work better in the south rather than in Paris.

A product to recommend?

Currently in stores we offer a range of specific products for the Easter holidays and we have launched exclusively with the collaboration of Pierre Hermé, a range of prestige white Truffle and Foie Gras macaroons.  

What do you like most as a trader in Monaco?

We are fortunate in Monaco to have to do with a Cosmopolitan clientele and a mixture of cultures which allows us to diversify our products and our requests. We hope to further increase our product line to satisfy all of our customers.

A new project?

In the coming weeks, Maison Pierre Hermé Paris will launch a new range of pastries called “Les Gourmandises Raisonnée”, products which will therefore be reduced in sugar, fatty products and flour.

A final word for the end?

For these Easter celebrations, we are offering products from a collaboration between Pierre Hermé and Thomas Boog on everything Easter eggs. We will also be offering targeted macaroons for the Grand Prix period. We want to develop the Pierre Hermé activity and offer collaborations and participations on events. We hope to see many of you in our stores and have great success in the Principality.