Merchant Profile: Crisoni

Let's meet Andreas Allenbach, Pauline Carlier and Elphie Hornn from the Crisoni de la Condamine store in Monaco. The team opened the doors of their boutique to us, with the aim of taking you behind the scenes of this world of tailor-made ready-to-wear for men.

Introduce us to Crisoni and the story behind your name.

Crisoni Monaco, is the anagram of the 3 first names of Mr. Allenbach's children, namely Cristina Sofia and Nico, to finally realize that this name adapts very well to the region, the French Riviera and the Italian border. Our concept includes a wide selection of ready-to-wear, in particular with world-renowned brands (ETON, ROYROBSON, WILVORST, ZIMMERLI ...) but also with, exclusively in Monaco, a complete choice of tailor-made items, totally unique and customizable. .

Tell us more about your team

Our team is small but completely versatile and dynamic. We have Andreas who is the owner and manager. Pauline, the store manager and Elphie customer advisor. Service is our priority and we warmly welcome you to make you feel at home.

How do you select your products?

Inspiration from everyday life followed by a visit to fashion fairs such as the Pitti Uomo in Florence. We have worked closely with our suppliers for a long time, long before the creation of Crisoni. A relationship of trust is important to offer the best selection to our customers but also to adapt to demand. Our goal is to create a surprise with each new collection.

What is your speciality ?

Without a doubt the tailor-made, we have fitting parts that allow us to take the measurements and transmit them to the workshop via computer software, but also for the customer, it is reassuring to be able to have an idea of what it will look like once the choice of fabric and all the options are available… there are endless choices! The customer can create any essential part of his dressing room himself! Impossible therefore to have the same costume as his work colleague….

Do you have future creation projects?

Our dream would be to be able to open a second boutique, here in the Condamine district, exclusively reserved for the design of women's clothing. Small exclusivity, we already have the ideas and the suppliers all we need is a beautiful location not far from Crisoni!

A final word for the end?

Do not hesitate to come and meet us, we will be happy to show you around our recently improved store and explain our new concept on the Côte d'Azur!