Merchant Profile: Atelcom

This week we are going to meet Carlos Bardote, the owner and manager of the store Atelcom specializing in the sale of phones, tablets, and connected products in Monaco.

What do you like most about your job?

“It's the novelty and the pleasure of discovering new things in terms of technology that motivates me every day. Over time, we notice that it is really the pleasure of giving and sharing with our customers things that are different and out of the ordinary. I appreciate the creative side in the design. We are the first in the customization market, real pioneers in this field! "

The distinction and the values of Atelcom?

“Competence, innovation, in a word excellence. Atelcom is much more than a service. "

The most beautiful phone for you?

“Quite simply, the next one! There will always be one better and more advanced. "

The most mind-blowing order?

“We have had several to tell the truth, the ones that marked me the most are:
  • One order for 400 phones, customized and personalized. The invoice is raised to a value of 450,000 euros!
  • Another during a partnership with Vodafone and Motorola. Vodafone wanted to offer each of the 440 members of the Formula 1 Ferrari team a customized and personalized Motorola phone.
  • And finally an order for an iPhone 4 entirely set with diamonds… ”

The most incredible encounter?

“Joël Robuchon - if I hadn't had the privilege of meeting him, I would have missed something really rare in life. "