5 reasons to adopt the electric bike

The electric bicycle or electrically assisted bicycle has been on the rise for several years. Ecological and practical, it has become one of the essential forms of transport in our cities. 

Several partner shops offer this mode of transport and there is something for every budget! 

Are you still hesitating? Here are 5 good reasons to adopt it!


save money

Owning a scooter is expensive. Not only do you have to take into account maintenance, gas, insurance and even parking costs. 

None of that with your future electric bike: we estimate the price of a recharge at €0.075

You should also know that the Monegasque State has set up a subsidy system since 2019: 

For electrically assisted bicycles, with a power less than or equal to 250 W and not registered, whose owners reside in the Principality, the aid amounts to 30 % of the purchase price including tax of the vehicle, capped at 400 euros .

A great opportunity! 

Save time

Did you know that the electric bike is the fastest mode of transport in the city? 

Indeed, its average speed is 19 km/h, ahead of the car and the bus! 

Its maneuverability will allow you to slip easily between cars, no more stress and fatigue related to traffic jams, the question of parking is also settled. 


Exercise gently

The principle of an electric bike is to have a motor but the electric assistance is not everything. Your daily commute will allow you to have active mobility and work all kinds of muscle groups.

Getting around by bike is also good for morale, this feeling of freedom combined with physical activity promotes the release of endorphins (pleasure hormone) and will consolidate your mental balance.

Do something for the planet and for yourself

Swapping your car or scooter for an electric bike will be good for our planet, but not only. Indeed, this cleaner mode of transport does not emit any particle emissions, a scourge for our health. Air quality is thus preserved.

This means of transport also responds to another major challenge: noise pollution. Who doesn't dream of a silent city? The more electric bikes there are, the less noisy our cities will be and this also affects our mental health.