3 cocktails for #Ginuary

Who says January says #Ginuary. This celebration, which has become a tradition in many Anglo-Saxon countries, is an opportunity to dedicate the month of January to tasting this essential alcohol! We are fortunate to have several Gin specialists in the Principality. Discover the cocktails specially prepared by The Distillery of MonacoBefore and Pizz'Aria !

Gin & Tonic at Pizz'Aria

The Pizz'Aria restaurant offers a classic Gin & Tonic. The base alcohol, Cap Gin, is inspired by the heritage of the Riviera and the various capes that border the Côte d'Azur. Produced from 9 plants, its richly complex flavor will transport you to those sweet moments of summer long awaited on the Coast. To drink with one of their six tonic drinks (elderflower, mediterranean, aromatic, etc).

The Breakfast Martini at La Distillerie de Monaco

The Distillerie de Monaco specializes in the preparation of spirits based on local ingredients including Gin. Their new cocktail, the Breakfast Martini is composed of marmalade, orange liqueur (L'Orangerie) and their special citrus flavored Gin. To be enjoyed during the day as well as in the evening!

The White Lady at Before Monaco

An essential cocktail, discover the White Lady, one of the signature cocktails of Before Monaco. Mixing gin, kumquat liqueur and lemon juice, this cocktail with an exotic taste, both sweet and tangy, will bring you to those coveted moments of relaxation!